What’s New

v0.3.0 (18 February 2021)


  • Implemented the inverse discrete Fourier transform idft. By Frederic Nouguier

  • Allowed windowing other than the Hann function. By Takaya Uchida

  • Allowed parallelization of isotropizing the spectrum via numpy_groupies. By Takaya Uchida

  • Implemented proper amplitude correction for real Fourier transform and windowed data. By Dougie Squire

v0.2.0 (10 April 2019)


  • Allowed dft and power_spectrum functions to support real Fourier transforms. (:issue:`57`) By Takaya Uchida and Tom Nicholas.

  • Implemented cross_phase function to calculate the phase difference between two signals as a function of frequency. By Tom Nicholas.

  • Allowed isotropic_powerspectrum function to support arrays with up to four dimensions. (:issue:`9`) By Takaya Uchida


Python 2.7 is no longer supported in xrft. For the more details, see: